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KQuote v1.5.2
Updated for patch 5.1

Please note that most of the media addons listed here have quotes in German language only.
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KQMediaMehrBarlow v1.0   NEW
New quotes from Barlow.
KQMediaBarlow v1.2  
Quotes from Barlow.
KQMediaBooSinnlos v1.4  
Miscellaneous quotes. From Bugs Bunny to Mozart. Compiled by Boodey@Rexxar.
KQMediaBudTerence v1.4  
Quotes from movies starring Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.
KQMediaDefault v1.3  
Default quotes.
KQMediaFutureman 1.1  
Futureman, IMBA hunter!
KQMediaHelge v1.1  
Quotes from Helge Schneider.
KQMediaMoreDots v1.2  
Impressions from the best Ony raid of all times. ;)
KQMediaReneMarik v1.1  
Quotes from Maulwurf, Froschn & Co. (by René Marik)
Quotes from satirists Stermann & Grissemann. Compiled by Kaaper@Rexxar.
Wollt Ihr das totale Sieb!?
Additional Quotes from WoWQuote2.